Schools and Colleges

Whether your school or college is based here in the United Kingdom or you are travelling from further afield, we are happy to arrange transport for your school's UK based tour or residential course. Depending on your travel requirements, you can choose if you would prefer the coach to remain with you for the duration of your stay or simply to transfer your group to and from your destination.

We have worked with many schools and colleges during the past 12 years and realise the importance of providing not only a reliable service, with safety of operation a top priority, but also competitive prices. We have an ongoing Risk Assessment Policy with all our contracted coach operators, which includes ensuring valid insurance policies and operational licences are held, and we have negotiated excellent prices with them. The cover for any 'holiday insurance' purchased is not affected by your choice on through whom you make travel arrangements. Do bear in mind that 60% of schools travelling on trips in the UK make their travel arrangements independent of the residential course provider.

We are pleased to assist in the planning of your itinerary and make ferry bookings on your behalf if required. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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